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As we say good luck to our class of 2021 Alumni, we have been reflecting with them on their time with The Football Industry College and the exciting next steps ahead. Next up in our Alumni Success ‘The Interview’ series, we chat with Lowestoft Town F.C Scholar, Ant Cox. Ant discusses the experiences, opportunities and his development which has seen him secure a U.S Scholarship and an exciting opportunity to further his education and player development in America with NAIA powerhouses Bellevue University ‘The Bruins’.

Ant, how have you enjoyed your time at The Football Industry College?

Yeah, my time at the college has been really good. I’ve met a lot of new friends and had a lot of great experiences like playing for Lowestoft first team and had loads of experiences in different types of games. We’ve done things like NCS and Wembley University tours, I’ve had some amazing experience whilst being at the college.

How do you feel you have developed as a player on the pitch?

I get on really well with all the coaches. Danny has been a really great coach for me over the 2 years, with him being a UEFA A qualified coach and ex professional player he’s really helped me develop and has helped me to find my position, which has helped me develop my career even further and gave me lots more opportunities for the future, so I thank Danny a lot.

I have played in the Performance Squad in the National Alliance U19 League, but have also had amazing opportunities to progress through to the senior first team with Lowestoft Town F.C.

Off the pitch how have you found studying towards your Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport & Exercise Science?

The education units have given me more of an insight into the world of sport and prepared me for my scholarship degree. Gav has really helped me with my education, he goes into a lot of detail in all the units and makes it easy to understand. He worked really closely with me to get my Distinction grade

What life & Personal skills have you gained to take on your future journey?

I’ve learnt a lot since being here, obviously in a family environment like this I’ve learnt hard work and dedication can get to wherever you want to go. My communication and leadership have overall improved whilst being on the course with community coaching and leading sessions for my peers.

How have the enrichment and pathway experiences supported your development and future aspirations?

I’ve had some really good experiences whilst on the course. I was involved in a sky advert which was a really great to film and produce with all the boys. We also went on a Wembley university stadium tour to find out what opportunities are available at university as one of the colleges pathways. We did NCS in our first year, all of the boys went and we all got to know each other really well and do team building activities which put us out of our comfort zones! I also took part in the U.S Scholarship Trial games of which helped me decide this was the pathway I wanted to achieve, and I have been successful in securing a scholarship for this year.

So what will you miss most about your time with the Football Industry College?

The games that we used to play every Wednesday, there was always a really good atmosphere, and you’d really look forward to them. Also, the training, seeing the boys, the coaches and staff everyday.

Why would you recommend the Football Industry College to future learners?

There’s a lot of different pathways you can go down. Footballing being one where you get the opportunity to train everyday, but you can also gain industry experiences in terms of coaching, strength and conditioning, and performance analysis. We also had the opportunity to support local community football projects and gained work experience in the gyms just before covid.

Describe your Football Industry College experience in three words?

Dedication, enjoyable, family

What made you choose your pathway of a U.S Sports Scholarship?

It was a new experience and different pathway for me. It also allows me to continue playing football at a high standard while getting a degree at the same time.

Where have you been awarded your scholarship and what will you be studying alongside the football?

I will be heading off to Bellevue University ‘The Bruins’, Nebraska in late July of which I am really excited and will be studying towards a degree in Sports Management

“Ant is another student who had an excellent two years of us. Just remembering sitting down with him a couple years ago with his mum trying to convince him to come to the college, explaining that we really believe this is the pathway for him. We managed to convince him to come, he’s been a brilliant student over two years. I’m not sure if I’ve met a more hard-working individual, the sacrifices that he makes to become the best is an obvious example of what it takes to be successful. During the two years Ant has achieved well academically achieving a DDM, distinction grade also another one achieving an excellence scholarship out in America where I know and I’m really hoping that he will do really well. Speaking to him a couple of weeks ago this was such a good decision for Ant to completely watch him flourish, show his full potential and abilities. I’m confident Ant is going to do really well in the future and is another one we will look forward to look out for, really really excited about him achieving big things. Good luck Ant!”


“Ant Cox joined us 2 years ago, he’s a great lad to have around the place, he’s a role mole, he sets a lot of high standards. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him for 2 years, to coach and to see how he’s developed is amazing really. He’s played in a lot of different games and a lot of minutes; he’s been involved with the first team a lot which is really good. Ants pathway is going to America, he’s got a really good offer. He’ll be really missed around the place. I wish him all the best in America. I really believe that he will become a better player and person and as I said his nicknames the starboy and I am really going to miss him, he’s a great lad. Good luck Ant.”


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