by Aug 2, 2021

As we say good luck to our class of 2021 Alumni, we have been reflecting with them on their time with The Football Industry College and the exciting next steps ahead. Next up in our Alumni Success ‘The Interview’ series, we chat with Lowestoft Town F.C Scholar, Brad Revell. Brad discusses the experiences, opportunities and his development which has seen him secure a U.S Scholarship and an exciting opportunity to further his education and player development in America with NAIA powerhouses Rocky Mountain college “Battlin’ Bears”

Brad, how have you enjoyed your time at The Football Industry College?

The past two years I’ve been at the college is probably the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve been asked to play in different games at various levels. I’ve been 1-2-1 coached by UEFA qualified coaches. I’ve had all sorts of opportunities; this is the best thing I’ve done since being out of school. 

How do you feel you have developed as a player on the pitch?

Danny has helped me develop personally as a player through 121 coaching and on a personal level as well. He used to take me out onto the pitch and showed me different ways to strike a ball and use my strength on and off the pitch. Match days are a different experience, to be coached by someone at such a high level and an ex-professional really helps improve your game and you can see it for yourself as well.

I have also played in the Performance Squad in the National Alliance U19 League which was a high standard to learn from

Off the pitch how have you found studying towards your Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport & Exercise Science?

The past two years Gav has helped me as a tutor by being flexible and overall a really good help, being in and outside of college and lockdown. The education units have been interesting especially sports management as this helped me get ready for my coaching that I’ll do in America so that I can design my own sessions

What life & Personal skills have you gained to take on your future journey?

I feel my life skills and values I’ve learnt while being at the college over the past 2 years are to be determined and hardworking, as well as going above and beyond to impress the coaches. I think one of my strengths is my confidence on and off the pitch because I wasn’t as confident when I first started but the staff and coaches have really brought it out of me.

How have the enrichment and pathway experiences supported your development and future aspirations?

We’ve been offered many opportunities whilst being at the college. We’ve done NCS, we went away for a weekend and had loads of fun team building exercises there. We did coaching with local school and different tournaments. The biggest one of all was the U.S. sports scholarship trials, which really helped me to choose my career within the industry and football.

So what will you miss most about your time with the Football Industry College?

The high level of UEFA qualified coaching but I’m obviously also going to miss friends and playing football every day. I also loved match day Wednesday so will definitely miss that too!

Describe your Football Industry College experience in three words?

Development, structured and opportunity. 

What made you choose your pathway of a U.S Sports Scholarship?

I think the biggest thing that made me choose to go to America was the opportunity we had for the U.S. soccer trials, I then was offered an amazing scholarship in America, solidifying my career path. 

Where have you been awarded your scholarship and what will you be studying alongside the football?

I’m going to Rocky Mountain college which is based on Montana. I will be studying human health performance for 4 years.

Brad joined 2 years ago as he’s been a pleasure to coach everyday. I was a centre forward myself so I tried to help Brad in many different ways, what types of runs he can make as a centre forward, how he can keep his hold up play and bringing other lads into the game with his link up play. Brads improved a lot in my opinion, he’s played a lot of games for the youth alliance, he’s played 2 years of that level and now his pathway is going to America, so when he goes to America I hope he keeps on learning and he becomes even bigger in that gym. I’m going to miss Brad, he’s been a pleasure to coach, pleasure or work with, he’s a fantastic goals scorer and I hope he really develops out there.


Brad, well done! For completing the course, you’ve achieved a good grade for the level 3 diploma. You’ve really knuckled down, you’ve been disciplined with the work your produced. You’ve had a real clear target early on abs that’s a credit to yourself. You’ve achieved an excellent scholarship at Rocky Mountain out in America and this is perfect for you. We look forward to monitoring your progress I’ve the 4 years. I’m sure when you’re back you’ll pop in and see so we’ll look forward to a catch up then. Good luck in the future Brad. 


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