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Next up in our Alumni Success ‘The Interview’ series, we caught up with Sheffield Scholars, Charlie Spick and Harry Middleton before they flew out to America. Charlie and Harry discuss their experiences, opportunities and development on our programme, which has seen them rewarded with a U.S Scholarship and an exciting opportunity to further their education and player development in America. They are now currently studying towards a degree with Patrick and Henry Community College ‘The Patriots’, while developing as a player with the 12th in the nation ranked NJCAA college.

Harry and Charlie, how have you enjoyed your time at the Football Industry College?

Harry: I joined late in October 2019, but I found it really easy to settle in. the course work was quite straight forward and if I ever had any problems or questions, I could go to my tutors an seek the help that I needed

Charlie: Mine is quite similar to Harrys. I joined in 2019 and was recommended by a friend, Sam Bulmer and when I initially joined, I didn’t think it was going to be as good as it was. The teachers are more like friends, they help you out with everything and if you’re ever feeling down, they just put you straight back up.

Describe your favourite experience during your two years with us…

Harry: Best experience whilst being on the course for me has got to be the footballing side, developing as a team. Going from hardly winning to not loosing at all and winning the league, unbeaten. It just proves that if you put hard work in and have trust in the coach it can go along way.

Charlie: My best experience would have to be when we went to Buxton. When we originally went there we thought we were going to get smashed but we put in a good team performance, a new formation and got a 2-1 win! Also loved doing laser quest.

What pathway have you chosen as the next steps of your future?

Harry: me and Charlie have both gain a sport scholarship at Patrick and Henry community college which is in America, Virginia. We were able to do so through Liam and the connection through the college have with U.S sport scholarships

Charlie: Again mine is pretty similar to Harrys, were going to do a football scholarship and also were study at the same time and were trying to get a degree

What unit of the education programme did you enjoy the most?

Charlie: Mine would be the analysis of sports performance, we got to make loads of performance profile and my favourite part about it was when we got to make a performance profile on someone on the course, mine was Tom Berry

How to do feel you have developed as a player?

Harry: I think I’ve really developed on the course, working hard, training hard, it allows you to improve your self as a player, develop on and off the pitch

What enrichment experiences did you have to support your pathway?

Charlie: We’ve had a lot of opportunities, the mains one have got to be when we went to university and we were able to see what it’s like there and it opens up my eyes because I never thought in a million years that I’d even have an interest in university but after that day it changed.

Harry: id have to say it was when Liam came in for the first scholarship game, it gave us an opportunity to broadcast our talent. Which allowed me and Charlie to go across to America

In your view who is the best player on the course?

Charlie: There’s a lot of good players on this course, but in my eyes I think its Nathan Mills. He’s just a really direct player, he runs with the ball and you can always rely on him to get a goal when you need one

Harry: id say we’re good as a team together, but we aren’t a team full of individuals were just a great tea together. Individually id have to say if you want a goal, Thomas Hirst

Who scored the best within your time at the college?

Harry: For me I’d have to say Charlie Spick against the year 1’s. The audacity to do a bicycle kick in a tough game where it was 2 all, the pressure to do that and execute it was magnificent

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