The Education – Term Review – October 2021

by Nov 4, 2021

From real life job interview experiences, making energy drinks, to developing personalised fitness an conditioning plans it has been a great start to the new academic year by our first and second year scholars. There has been some outstanding levels of work delivered by the scholars across a range of units as they look to secure either a Level 2 Certificate or Level 3 Extended Diplomas in Sport & Exercise Science or Working in Sport. Below is an overview of the units studied during the first term.


Our first year scholars across our Sheffield, Norwich and Lowestoft programmes have kicked off thier qualification by working towards the invaluable ‘Preparing for A Career in Sport’ unit of their diploma qualifications. As part of the unit, Scholars have been researching and preparing personal statements and CV’s which will be enriched as they gain further experiences through our extra knowledge, skills and behaviour curriculum.

Video Example of our Scholars undertaking real life job interview experience with The SLT Group

With all our Post 16 Football Education Programmes being run at sport or football hubs, scholars have had the fantastic opportunity to undertake real life job interview experiences that were conducted by CEO’s, Directors, and Managers across the SLT Group Lowestoft, LU Graves Football Hub, Sheffield, and The Football Development Centre Norwich.

This process required scholars to study and apply for a range of job posts (P.E Teacher, Sports Coach, Leisure Team Member, Community Sports Apprentice) and then prepare for the interviews thinking about attire, questions they may be asked and questions they can ask the employer.

For many scholars, this was their first real experience of preparing and undertaking a job interview. Although they were pushed out of their comfort zones, the interviewers feedback has been fantastic, which has enabled scholars to reflect for future interviews they will encounter in their careers.

From the Scholars I engaged with along with speaking to the other interviewers, we can say all the students engaged and presented themselves well. You could tell they had researched and prepared for the interview as they understood the roles they were applying for and how they support the local and wider communities. It was great to see young learners really engaging with the task in hand and making the most of this enriched learning opportunity, that will support them in their future careers.



Our Second Year Scholars have also been focusing on the ‘Sports Nutrition’ unit of their core qualification. In this unit scholars are understanding the structure and function of the digestive system, the importance of hydration and the components of a balanced diet in relation to sports performance. This unit enables them to put into practice what they learn to build an appropriate diet plan for themselves to improve their own performance as athletes.

Scholars learning how energy drinks are made and the impacts on performance

One fun practical element of the ‘Sports Nutrition’ unit has seen scholars created their own hypertonic, hypotonic, or isotonic energy drinks, gaining an understanding into the importance of hydration and the effects it has on sports performance.


Alongside the ‘Preparing for A Career in Sport’ unit our First-year scholars have also been working towards the ‘Exercise, Health & Lifestyle’ unit of their Diploma qualification.

This unit provides scholars with an understanding into the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Scholars have been investigating the impact of various factors such as exercise, alcohol, and diet on a person’s lifestyle.

Lowestoft & Norwich Scholars learning technique and producing individual fitness plans

Having researched in the classroom, the scholars have been putting into practice what they have discovered by assessing their individual lifestyles and creating a health-related physical activity plans, with the support of our tutors which include fitness and conditioning programmes using the gyms or football hubs that they are based.



Our second-year scholars have also started the ‘Personal & Professional Development’ unit of their Diplomas. Linking well with the ‘Preparing for A Career in Sport’ unit scholars have been understanding personal and professional development including the skills required to be successful in higher education and future employment. Scholars have started to produce and follow their own personal and professional development action plans reviewing with SWOT analysis, to identify strengths and areas for improvement, as well as opportunities that relate to their study and chosen career path.

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