The Education – Term Review – December 2021

by Dec 30, 2021

From understanding exercise, health & fitness, encouraging active lifestyles to the delivery of fitness testing and fitness training sessions, it has been another busy term for our scholars as they continue to work towards their Level 2 Certificate or Level 3 Extended Diplomas. Read on for a detailed overview of what has been happening off the pitch including how our scholars looking to enhance their Maths and English GCSE grades, alongside their core qualification, excelled by winning the national Century Winter Cup.


Our First-year scholars have continued to work towards completing the ‘Exercise, Health & Lifestyle’ unit of their Diploma qualification.

This unit provides scholars with an understanding into the importance of a healthy lifestyle, investigating the impact of various factors such as exercise, alcohol, and diet.

Scholars have been putting into practice what they have discovered by assessing their individual lifestyles and creating a health-related physical activity plans, with the support of our tutors which include fitness and conditioning programmes.


First year Scholars have also been working towards the ‘Encouraging Active Lifestyles’ unit of their Diplomas, looking at the barriers to, and benefits of, physical activity.

Sheffield Scholars Encouraging Active Lifestyles through Fun Community Sessions

The main focus of the unit was to explore campaigns that aim to encourage specific populations to engage in physical activity, evaluating their suitability and impact.

Norwich Scholar Alfie Jackson Delivering his Presentation Assessment

Through enrichment experiences including community sport delivery to primary school children, disability football delivery and walking football, scholars have engaged and researched a range of different audience demographics through their passion for football

To conclude the unit scholars were then assessed through delivering a presentation to their peers on the key drivers and barriers of encouraging active lifestyles.


Our year 2 scholars have been focusing on completing the Fitness Testing in Sport & Exercise unit of their Diploma qualifications. Scholars are regularly put through their paces to identify fitness levels and areas of improvement, but this unit enables the scholars to learn the health and screening techniques to measure flexibility, muscular strength, aerobic endurance, speed, power, muscular endurance and body composition.

Lowestoft Scholar Kian Leech recording his blood pressure

To collate the measurements mentioned above and evaluate fitness levels of individuals, scholars have undertaken fitness tests on their peers using skinfold callipers, blood pressure monitors, hand grip test, twelve minute cooper run, yo-yo bleep testing, one minute sit up or press up, illinios agility test, one rep max, thirty five meter sprint test and more…

Sheffield Scholars taking on the one rep max test

Scholars will continue to run fitness tests throughout their time on the programme to monitor development and performance.

Norwich Scholar Ben Anderson powering through the Illinios Agility Test


Following on from understanding Fitness Testing in sport, scholars have also started their Fitness Training in Sport & Exercise unit of their Diplomas.

Norwich Scholars developing their Fitness Training Skills through Football

learners have been introduced to the different methods of fitness training and will now prepare, deliver and monitor fitness training sessions for the different components of physical fitness (speed, power, aerobic endurance, muscular endurance, flexibility & strength).


Scholars working towards improving their Maths & English GCSE grades alongside their core diploma qualification have been crowned winners of the national Century Winter Cup.

Answering over 4,600 questions (an average of 174 questions per scholar) our scholars finished run away leaders with the nearest competitors averaging 139 questions per learners. This is fantastic achievement against some big Further Education Colleges and a testament to our scholars in realising the importance and commitment to enhance their Maths & English GCSE Grades, supporting the next steps of their futures.

For a full interview with our Assistant Director Rich Clarke on this great achievement check out our dedicated blog post here.

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Ben crowned the FDC Norwich Scholar of the Year

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