Within our COVID-19 Guidance we will be following the regulations set out by both the Department for Education and the Football Association. This guidance will be reviewed weekly by the Director and Assistant Directors of Education. Any changes will be communicated with learners.



  • Upon arrival learners will be temperature checked (anyone displaying over 37.8 degrees will be retested after 15 minutes of “cooling off” time, they are still over 37.8 they will be asked to return home and seek medical advice).
  • Learners to use hand sanitizer on arrival in the building.
  • All learners will be registered to ensure track and trace can be followed if necessary.
  • Learners to be in “social bubbles” based upon their level of study and their year group (year 12 or year 13). These bubbles will remain separate throughout the day.
  • Learner bubbles will rotate between academic sessions and enrichment and experience sessions.


  • All sessions held inside the room will be ventilated via windows and doors remaining open.
  • Learners will use their own equipment where possible. In the event of equipment needing to be used by multiple learners throughout the day anti-bacterial wipes and spray will be provided to sanitize equipment.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in the classroom and learners will be encouraged to use this regularly.
  • Learners will be asked to wear masks when working in a classroom setting. These will be provided to learners where necessary.
  • Masks and gloves will be available for tutors should they wish to wear these. Any closer contact with learners then a mask is advised.
  • Following the completion of each session all tables, chairs etc. will be sprayed/wiped down with anti-bacterial spray and wipes before the next bubble is allowed to enter the room.
  • Maths and English to be delivered via an online platform to avoid mixing bubbles unnecessarily.


  • Any enrichment and experience sessions held indoors will follow the same protocol as with academic sessions.
  • Learners will be asked to come in sports clothing, changings facilities will be available for a maximum of 6 learners per changing room, however showers will be out of use. These will then need be cleaned down after use.
  • Coaches will be issued with anti-bacterial spray and wipes to sanitize equipment after use. This equipment will include footballs, cones and goal posts were applicable.
  • Bibs will not be shared and will be washed daily.


  • As per the FA guidelines groups of no more than 30 (including coaches) are able to work together.
  • Learners will follow the same process as Enrichment and Experience guidance.
  • In the case of away fixtures learners will be transported by SLT Education staff on our minibus. Whilst on the minibus learners will be expected to wear face coverings for the duration of the journey.


  • The above guidance must be followed by all learners without question. Failure to adhere these rules will be in direct breach of our ‘Behaviour for Success’ policy. Any learner who does not adhere to these rules will be instantly places on a minimum Stage 2 of the policy and will be asked to leave the site until the following day.


Should any SLT Education site be restricted in delivery due to local lockdown, site closure or inability to safely deliver the program the following protocol will be followed;

  • Learners whose education has been disrupted through local lockdowns will be sent links to join other SLT Education sites that are not locked down.
  • Learners will be expected to participate in live lessons via video link.
  • Learners will be given weekly 1-1 meetings with either their tutor or the Assistant Director of Education for that region as a well-being check and to ensure progress and engagement remains.
  • Learners will continue be internally assessed via assignments; however, these might have to be altered from original assignment briefs depending on circumstances.

Where there is a short-term nationwide lockdown the following protocol will be followed;

  • Learners will be given a reduced online timetable, which will include live video lessons as well as independent guided study.
  • SLT Education will provide learners with access to online resources via Padlet which will sign post learners to suitable resources for assignments etc.
  • Learners will be given weekly 1-1 meetings with either their tutor or the Assistant Director of Education for their region as a well-being check and to ensure progress and engagement remains.
  • Attendance shall be tracked through learner engagement. On a day where there are no video lesson learners will be expected to complete tasks to ensure they are remaining engaged in education.

Where there is a longer-term nationwide lockdown the following protocol will be followed;

  • The above will be followed, unless it is determined that centres are required to internally calculate grades, in which case the emphasis will move from an academic curriculum to an enrichment curriculum.
  • The enrichment curriculum will include a variety of activities to ensure learners remain engaged in education.
  • Weekly well-being checks will be conducted by their tutors or Assistant Directors of Education.
  • Attendance shall be tracked through a learner’s engagement, where all communication with the learner will be logged and all learner return communication will also be logged.


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